Ka Hana No‘eau Hawai‘i – Hawaiian Crafts

Artist, craftsman and philosopher Sam Kaha‘i Ka‘ai displays his collection of fishhooks made of bone, ivory, pearl and turtle shell, and demonstrates the traditional way of making them using grinding stones and a Hawaiian drill.

Sam explains the importance of cordage to the Hawaiians of old who bound their world together instead of using nails. He presents the treasured lei niho palaoa (whale tooth pendant) and describes its importance in family inheritance. While carving his well-known wooden ki‘i, he shares insights into the past gained from making things in traditional ways.
Originally produced for the school children of Hawai‘i.
20 minutes
Hawai’i Public Television (PBS Hawai‘i)
Community Channel • Sydney, Australia
Hawai‘i public access channels
Museum Für Völkerkunde • Berlin

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