Public meeting on Waiāhole Ditch TRANSCRIPT

Commission on Water Resource Management
June 22, 1994 • Waiāhole, O‘ahu

In this meeting held by the Commission on Water Resource Management the controversial issue of who should get the water in Waiāhole Ditch was discussed by land-owners, government representatives, scientists, grass roots community people and taro farmers living in Waiāhole Valley on the island of O‘ahu.

Rae Loui
Sallie Edmunds
Bert Hatton
Jack Keppeler
Amy Luerson
Keith Ahue
Yukio Kitagawa
Charles Reppun
Bruce Anderson
Bob Nakata
Jim Anthony
Creighton Matoon
Marjorie Ziegler
Marion Kelly
George Hudes
Ed Stevens
Herbert Hoe
William Paty
John Charlot
Bryson Fernandez
James Nakatani
Ira Rohter
David Martin
Martha Black
Ron Albu
John Reppun
Meala Bishop
Steve Holmes
David Chinen
Keith Kruger
Charlene Hoe
Calvin Hoe
Kahikukala Hoe
Kelikokauaikekai Hoe
Ululani Beirne
Mike McCartney
Albert Badiyo
Guy Nakamoto
Bob Kinsey
Nohealani Wallace
Rendell Tong
69 pages

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