Ka ‘Uhane o Kohanaiki – The Spirit of Kohanaiki

A portrait of a unique coastal area in Kona on the island of Hawai‘i, known for its archaeological sites, native birds and plants, and well-known surf site. The people of Kona speak passionately of their love for Kohanaiki and their determination to save it from resort development.

Their efforts to protect the local anchialine ponds, habitat for a native species of shrimp (‘ōpae ‘ula), resulted in the landmark PASH-Pilago decision by the Hawai‘i Supreme Court.
Produced for the Protect Kohanaiki ‘Ohana.
Nita Pilago, Angel Pilago, Kari Verity, Jason Verity, Karen Eoff, Mahealani Pai, Olga Nauka, Steve Martin, Rebecca Shute and Kaohu Chang Monfort.
length: 38 minutes
Hawai‘i Public Television (PBS Hawai‘i)
Televise Samoa
Hawai‘i public access channels
Free Speech TV
Hawai‘i International Film Festival

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