Nā Waiwai Hawai‘i – Treasured Values of Hawai‘i, Part 1 TRANSCRIPT

The Hawaiian word waiwai denotes something valued or treasured, true wealth. This program explores the concepts of aloha ‘āina (love for the land), kōkua (helpfulness), ‘ohana (family), and “thinking island.”

Ke Kai – The Sea

Fisherman Ray Kalili supervises a neighborhood hukilau, a group fishing technique, on O‘ahu’s windward coast. Ethno-historian Marion Kelly describes the use of fishponds in old Hawai‘i. Navigator Nainoa Thompson explains the art of wayfinding, or long-distance ocean navigation. And artist/philosopher Sam Ka‘ai speaks of the continent of ocean that makes up the Polynesian world.

Ho‘āla Hou – A Look to the Future

The Hawaiian term ho‘āla hou means to awaken anew. Hosted by artist and philosopher Sam Ka‘ai, this program looks at the re-emergence of a Pacific way of thinking, of seeking self-sufficiency, and of preserving the cultural heritage of the first people of Hawai‘i.