Nā Hulu Kūpuna – Leimana Kanahele

Tuti Kanahele visits with her father, Leimana Kanahele, born and raised on the island of Ni‘ihau, now making his home on Kaua‘i. Leimana demonstrates the making of saddles, a skill acquired during his younger days working on a Ni‘ihau cattle ranch.

Nā Hulu Kūpuna – Kaleipua Pahulehua

Tuti Kanahele visits with Kaleipua Pahulehua, originally a native of the island of Ni‘ihau, who makes her home on Kaua‘i. Following a long-established tradition taught to her as a young girl, Kaleipua makes shell lei, the well-known and exquisite lei pūpū o Niʻihau.

Nā Hulu Kūpuna – Alina Kanahele

Tuti Kanahele interviews Alina Kanahele about everyday life on the island of Ni‘ihau, where Alina was born and raised.