Documenting Taro Varieties – with Jerry Konanui

Beginning with an overview of how to document taro varieties, Jerry Konanui documents plant descriptors for nine varieties of taro, harvested at the Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden in Kona, Hawai‘i island. Along with the documentation, Jerry shares a wealth of cultural knowledge of these varieties passed down to him through family. His goal is to scientifically document as many of the Hawaiian taro varieties as possible for reference by future generations of taro growers.

Disk One
1. A guide to documenting taro varieties (22:24)
2. ‘o‘opukai (24:10)
3. ‘ele‘ele naioea (10:57)
4. mana ‘ulu (10:59)
Total length Disk 1
68 minutes
Disk Two
1. manini kea (18:51)
2. ‘ula‘ula poni (9:42)
3. lauloa ke‘oke‘o (8:11)
4. piko kea (9:52)
5. ‘ele‘ele makoko (5:04)
6. ‘ula‘ula moano (7:49)
Total length Disk 2
59 minutes
Production of this series was made possible through the generous support of Kent Whealy and Judy Kern
©2014 Nā Maka o ka ‘Āina
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